Natural arch of Ponza – Beautiful place

Beautiful Ponza – Natural Arch – Latina – Italy

Are you in Ponza? Are you planning a trip to Ponza? You absolutely have to plan an excursion along the entire coast of the island.

We did it, with a small boat … we did the round ride!

Among the many attractions, it deserves a unique place, the natural arch of Ponza! Located east of the island, in a small creek, emerges out of the water of a clear green. It looks like an element in itself, but tied to the “earth” by the same rock and composition. Water is a translucent mirror with the reflection of the sun … you see the backdrop perfectly!

If your boat is not too big, you can go under the arch! A moment of almost darkness given by the shadow of the rock … The sun is waiting for you on the other side.

I recommend you take a dip and then go back to the island.