Gita in Toscana

Three days between Tuscany and Lazio

Tuscany and Lazio. A perfect break for a trip

We have chosen some places between Tuscany and Lazio if you want to take a break from work before the great holidays!

Take a few days and enjoy a few days at the beach … but away from the crowded beaches.

We tell you about our trip!

In this weekend just past, we spent 3 days between Lazio and Tuscany, in the territories of Capalbio and Montalto Marina, between the sea, beautiful beaches, gardens, nature; in fact in these areas you can admire various landscapes.


First day: Montalto di Castro – Montalto Marina / Lazio

We arrive at Montalto di Castro, in the province of Viterbo, from Rome via the Via Aurelia. Just a few kilometers from Capalbio is a nice city center, comfortable and very close to the sea, where we immediately decide to stop in a well-equipped campsite to rest our bags and spend the day exploring the adjacent beach!

Pristine sand dunes, rich in vegetation, small and colorful little flowers, shrubs, pine forests and gray sand. You can take long and relaxing walks!

We recommend not to miss the sunset that will offer you beautiful colors and you will not regret it, and even the sea in the moonlight: it will guide you in romantic walks!


Second day: Vulci nature park – Borgo di Pianiano / Lazio

The following day we go to the Archaeological Park of Vulci, 15 minutes drive from the center of Montalto di Castro.

We have been around the park by bike! Highly recommended, it allows you to be faster between an archaeological area and another.

What to see here?

  • Ancient Etruscan remains: Etruscan-Roman city, tombs, mithraeum
    Pond of the Pellicone
    Ponte della Badia and the medieval castle

You can get lost in the park for hours, among lush vegetation, meadows where you can have a picnic, paths along the river and paths that lead you to the castle.


Third day: Tarot Garden – Capalbio / Tuscany

In a small fraction of Capalbio, Pescia Fiorentina, we find “Giardino dei Tarocchi” (the Tarot Garden) surrounded by greenery!

We recommend visiting him for his “works” present, by the artist Niki de Saint Phalle.

The works are part of the garden … you will walk among colored sculptures, houses and fountains covered entirely with mosaics.

Mosaics of a thousand colors, mirrors, ceramics … these are the materials that animate the garden.

Absolutely to visit the main house: it has real rooms and furnishings, entirely covered with mirror mosaic. Millions of small pieces cover the inside and the outside.


What to say? 3 days have passed between natural and artistic beauties.
Arm yourself with camera and have a good trip!