Three days between Tuscany and Lazio

Posted by admin on 30 July 2018
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Tuscany and Lazio. A perfect break for a trip

We have chosen some places between Tuscany and Lazio if you want to take a break from work before the great holidays! Take a few days and enjoy a few days at the beach … but away from the crowded beaches. We tell you about our trip! In this weekend just past, we spent 3 days between Lazio and Tuscany, in the territories of Capalbio and


Natural arch of Ponza – Beautiful place

Posted by admin on 5 August 2017
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Beautiful Ponza – Natural Arch – Latina – Italy

Are you in Ponza? Are you planning a trip to Ponza?¬†You absolutely have to plan an excursion along the entire coast of the island. We did it, with a small boat … we did the round ride! Among the many attractions, it deserves a unique place, the natural arch of Ponza! Located east of the island, in a small creek, emerges out of the water of


Caprarola’s camellias | Palazzo Farnese in bloom

Posted by admin on 10 April 2017
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Camellias in bloom!

If you are in Caprarola, you can not visit the Palazzo Farnese. Here you will find an avenue (which from the entrance to the gardens leads you to the large garden) rich in these beautiful shrubs full of flowers, camellias. We at Travel Notes were there at the end of March and found some of them already flourished.